Why Now

Changing Times

Prefabricated housing doesn’t have to look boxy or “pieced together” and FabCab is out to prove that! Our integration of timber framing allows more room for design flexibility.

US demographics show a rapid increase in the number of older adults. The current economic conditions (including the increasing cost of retirement, health care facilities and plummeting home values) are forcing older adults to remain cost-conscious while they look for options to stay independent and “age in place.”

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small structure that is built on a residential lot, as an accessory use to the primary dwelling unit. There is a growing demand for such structures and many municipalities across the country have adopted zoning changes to allow and even encourage ADUs.

FabCab is knowledgeable about requirements and zoning laws across the country and our cabins are intended to meet permitting requirements for an array of jurisdictions.

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