Custom Work

photo courtesy of Will Austin

Custom Projects

Every FabCab is the result of a happy collaboration between the homeowner and us. Responding to your family and site requirements, your FabCab will be individualized, mold to your life, and complement your site.

We design dwellings that respond to the various changes that people experience over the course of their lives, and that accommodate today’s increasingly diverse family composition. Our homes function well for people of all ages and abilities, and enable homeowners to retain their independence as they grow older and ‘age-in-place’ on their own terms.

FabCab designs flexibility into a home so that its layout can be more easily modified when the need arises, which reduces expensive and wasteful remodeling down the road. In this way, your home will remain appropriate for multiple life transitions, reduces your need to move, and increases its longevity and marketability. This socially sustainable approach is combined with common sense principles of site orientation, energy efficiency, ‘Green’ materials, and healthy indoor air quality. The result is a home that will take care of you, a home you will love to live in.

Below are some custom homes we have worked on.