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Sustainable Practice

• Efficient design: An open plan and efficient layout maximizes floor space.

• Renewable resources: The timberframe line uses renewable/sustainably harvested Douglas Fir, using less wood than stud framing.

• Less waste: We utilize state of the art, computerized cutting machines that minimize the amount of waste. This creates precise, high quality assemblies, and reduces time delays.

• Less transportation: With either product line, the materials are brought to the site in fewer shipments than with typical construction.

• Energy efficiency: The structural insulated panels (SIPS) walls are are extremely energy efficient. Plumbing lines can be built in for optional solar water heaters on the roof and high efficiency hot water heaters will power a radiant floor heating system.

• Healthy indoor air quality: Low VOC paints and finishes are used throughout the cabins. An anti-microbial glaze on tiles and fixtures reduce the potential for bacteria growth in the bathroom.

• Water efficiency: State of the art water efficient plumbing fixtures by TOTO reduce the margin consumption of water. Optional cisterns can catch and store rainwater from the roof.

• Recycled materials: ‘Green’ materials and components with a high degree of recycled content are used throughout FabCab’s products.

• Less commuting: In many cases, ADUs are placed in neighborhoods which are close to amenities, so that the occupants may have short distances to travel to frequently-visited locations. Home offices and studios greatly decrease commutes.

• Higher density: With more housing options for people to live near to employment areas, there is less pressure to develop valuable green space in more remote areas.

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