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The San Juan County Community Development & Planning Department (SJC) is underway with an official review process of the current building setbacks for those shoreline properties within their jurisdiction.

Should the current setback back requirements be increased (e.g. from a minimum 50’ to a minimum 100’) for shoreline properties, this may prevent the construction of any new future buildings on such properties which were previously thought as having acceptable building sites based on the old setback regulations. Should this be the case, certain properties may not be suitable for any sort of approved buildings by the SJC thus reducing the value of the property significantly.

SJC will be starting a Best Available Science Synthesis (BAS) to which a consultant will be hired to review the choices and applications of how the science (methodologies /determinations) are to be conducted. Once this happens, the approved findings will be brought forward and adopted into the Land Use Code and become enforceable at the date they are read into law. The goal for this is June 2011. It is unknown at this time whether the current residential building setbacks will remain or change.

FabCab encourages San Juan County shoreline property owners to keep abreast of this matter. San Juan County Community Development & Planning Department does provide periodic updates on their website. Please see the website information below. FabCab can provide clients the necessary assistance  to meet their desired project schedules.

Please contact Guy Paulsen ( about this process and to get your project on track for a Spring 2011 build.

Recommended Dates for San Juan County Clients
Spring 2011 Build

*For more information in San Juan County, please visit the San Juan County Community Development and Planning Department’s website.

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