FabCab Home Design and Build Process

Designing and building a new home is an exciting and often complex journey. Every step of the way, from feasibility to site planning, schematic design to permitting, fabrication to construction, we manage and coordinate efforts on behalf of our clients.

To understand your vision and space requirements, we invite you to fill out a brief questionnaire to give us an overall idea of what your project (also known as a program) will entail. Whether you’re looking for a TimberCab or ModCab design, we can turn your dream home into a reality.

Overview of the FabCab Home Design Process

We take care of many aspects throughout the FabCab home design process and building progression. This includes managing efforts on behalf of our clients and recommending leading general licensed contractors and other consultants. At FabCab, we take the time to understand every client’s vision for their new home so we can design a customized, state-of-the-art space that many generations will cherish.

Step 1 – Land & Consultation

We review site details and provide advice on project logistics.

Step 2 – Design & Permitting

Our design concepts are often the starting point for customization. We collaborate and iterate until the home aligns with our client’s vision and is perfectly sited. If applicable, HOA rules and regulations inform the design. Then we proceed with preparing and issuing all permit-ready and structural engineering documents. We also prepare and submit a set of construction drawings to the builder.

Step 3 Site Preparation & Fabrication

With the approved permit in hand, FabCab executes the materials contract. Our qualified vendors mill and fabricate the major shell materials — timber frame, SIPs, windows and exterior doors — and ship to the building site. Concurrently, the builder is preparing the site and laying the foundation. Clients begin selecting their exterior and interior finishes.

Step 4 Construction & Completion

With materials on site and foundation prepared, the builder assembles the shell and completes the home. FabCab continues to observe construction throughout the build and assist clients and builders.

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