Prefab Home Design Services

Custom homes designed by architects

FabCab is a design firm that’s a little different – in a good way. Rather than starting every project from scratch, we begin with a design concept that jump-starts the customization process for clients. Modifiable layouts and the use of high-quality materials go hand-in-hand with the component building system we developed. The outcome is a more predictable, efficient, and desirable home.

FabCab floor plan

Professional Design Services

Our professional services include site planning, schematic design, generation of permit-ready documents (which include structural engineering), and construction documents. We coordinate and manage every design aspect of the project so you can rest assured that we’ll complete your home efficiently.

Customization Options

With our various interior design services and integrated interior finishes packages, there are many different customization options to complement your personal style and aesthetic. Our interior and exterior packages vary based on your choice of TimberCab or ModCab homes. They can include various cabinet colors, flooring options, exterior siding and roofing, and several other customization options. We also can collaborate with your own interior designer. We proudly work with trusted and experienced builders that put your project first.

About FabCab

At FabCab, we offer efficient prefab home design services—we create environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly spaces that help inspire active and healthy lifestyles. Our design team takes pride in designing high quality, predictable, efficient, and desirable homes.

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