Budget and Timeline

There are many factors affecting your cost and timeline to build. Here we break down the common buckets for home cost and overall project costs, and also timeframes for common milestones. We start projects with these parameters and adapt to your specific considerations and constraints as your project unfolds.

Home budget

The budget for the home itself includes the cost of labor to construct the foundation system and assemble the FabCab shell materials. It also includes builder materials and equipment. The shell materials for your TimberCab or ModCab home are flat-packed and shipped to your building site, ready for assembly. FabCab also specifies interior finishes – some clients choose their own, so our level of involvement varies.

Overall project budget

Your overall budget will include work items separate from the home itself. If your land is raw, the builder may need to remove foliage/boulders before installing utilities, well/water, and sewer/septic. Additional items include home improvements and site improvements. Your home’s foundation system will depend on land topography and environmental conditions. Working with the structural engineer, we design the optimal system for your home. The estimated costs for labor, builder materials, and equipment for these items will come from your builder.

Project timeline

Most projects last 18-24 months, roughly half and half for design/permitting/fabrication and construction.

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