Why FabCab?
As a boutique architecture/design firm, we are passionate about delivering our clients a home they will love.  We create beautiful custom homes imbued with natural light, soaring ceilings, durable materials, and classically modern finishes.  We jump start schematic design by working from a pre-design concept which we customize to meet your individual requirements.  Our in-house interior design team has curated a beautiful collection of materials and finishes in a variety of color palettes.  We have established relationships with trusted manufacturers who mill and manufacture our structural shell materials.  Our design team and our materials deliver a predictable and successful outcome for both clients and builders.

Where are you based and what areas do you serve?
We are based in Seattle, WA and serve clients throughout North America.  Much of our completed work is in the Pacific NW.

What is an estimated cost of one of your homes?
The cost will be similar to other high-quality custom homes in your area.  In the Pacific NW, our completed homes are coming in at least $450 per square foot.  Many factors affect project costs; please contact us to discuss details.

What are FabCab’s professional design fees?
Professional design and engineering services proceed hourly and are generally ~10% of estimated construction costs.  We offer comprehensive design services, including pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction observation.

Are you accepting new clients?
Yes, and we are currently working through a 6-9 month queue for new projects.  During that time, we initiate the onboarding process and get to know your project needs.

Is it possible to have an initial consultation?
Yes, please contact us to schedule an in-person consultation at our Seattle office.  We also offer phone visits and video conference meetings (e.g., Zoom).

How do I get in the queue to become a client?
Once we know your vision, goals, general budget, and learn about your site conditions, we prepare a design services agreement for your review and signature along with an initial deposit of $10,000.  This inserts you into our design queue.

Can you design a home that includes a daylight basement or a second story, or add a carport or garage?
Yes, we can, and often do.

About how long does a project take from start to finish?
Usually 18-24 months from the time we begin schematic design to completed construction.

Are your homes “modular?”
Our homes are site-assembled by professional builders using our prefabricated (panelized) building system.  We are not a modular home provider.

Do you have a model home I can tour?
We do not; our completed homes are owner-occupied.

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