What do FabCab, TimberCab and ModCab mean?
FabCab is our company name and means “Fabulous Cabin.”
TimberCab = “Timberframe Cabin”
ModCab = “Modern Cabin”

Do I need to hire my own architect?
By choosing FabCab, you are choosing us as your architect.  We will handle all necessary design work on your behalf.

What’s the main difference between ModCab and TimberCab?
TimberCab is our classic series constructed of a timberframe covered with structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof. ModCab is built with SIPs only.  Both the TimberCab and ModCab series have shed-roofed models.   ModCab models are also available in gable-roofed versions.  Both ModCab and TimberCab share our design language of open floor plans, cathedral ceilings, eco-friendly materials, universal design, and energy efficiency.  Both series are designed for people of any age and ability to live comfortably and happily.

What is included in your price?
FabCab pricing is for the home package only and does not include delivery, any applicable taxes, permits, site work including foundation, or assembly by a contractor. We do note average turnkey pricing as a reference point for your planning.

Is it possible just to purchase an exterior shell that we can finish off ourselves?
Yes, this is possible, in conjunction with design services. Contact us for details and pricing.

How do I get a building permit to erect a FabCab?
Every jurisdiction has its own process.  As part of the services provided under our design agreement, FabCab can provide drawings ready for you to submit with your application for a building permit.  The engineers with whom we work are licensed in most North American states and provinces.

Who designs the foundation?
FabCab will design an appropriate foundation that responds to your site and requirements in conjunction with our structural engineering consultants.

Can a FabCab be built over a daylight basement or main level?
Yes. FabCabs may be built over any foundation – slab on grade, crawl space, basement, or piers.

One of your plans looks almost perfect for us, except for one small area. May we make some changes?
Yes.  Most customers find that our plans are close to their needs, but wish to make some minor plan changes.  We are happy to make such changes under our design agreement.

Can staircases be incorporated into a FabCab?
Yes, we can design in stairs that go up to a higher level, down to a basement, or both.

What is the process involved with altering standard designs, or creating a custom one?
FabCab offers comprehensive design services, including pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction observation.  Design fees are separate from the home component package cost.  Modifying a standard design costs less (pricing could range from $30K to $70K plus permitting fees, depending on the complexity of the changes). A pure custom design will be more, reflecting the greater scale of effort and attention needed (fees are generally less than a typical architect’s fee for the same scope of work elsewhere). Engineering fees are separate.  

What are FabCab’s payment terms?
A non-refundable $5,000 project deposit inserts you into our design queue. This deposit is creditable toward later purchase of your home component package. Design and engineering fees are billed separately and periodically, and are payable within 30 days. 1/3 to 1/2 of the home component package cost is due upon contract order, and the remaining 1/2 to 2/3 at the time of shipment. We can coordinate with your financial institution on this.

Okay, we have a design agreement with you and have finalized a design.  What comes next?
We will quote you a price for the components.  It takes a couple of weeks for us to revise our shop drawings according to your changes, submit them to our suppliers for a quote and receive pricing, and prepare a quote for you.   Once you have signed the component package purchase agreement and have made the initial payment, we can place the order to our suppliers to fabricate your FabCab components.

What is the build schedule from time of component package order until the install?
Once your building permit has been approved, your contractor begins work on the site work and foundation. This typically takes a month or two for most projects. While this is going on, once you have signed the components package agreement and have made the initial payment, your structural components are being made.  We will schedule staged deliveries of the major structural components with your builder to arrive after your foundation is ready and to ensure a smooth construction sequence.  A typical FabCab can be ‘closed to weather’ in two to three weeks, faster than a stick framed home.  The insulation is already installed!  The rest of the build process will go at the speed of conventional construction.

Is it possible to visit your office?
Yes.  Feel free to contact us to schedule an in-person consultation at our Seattle office.  We’d love to meet you and learn about your project goals.

Is it possible to visit your factory?
FabCab components are prefabricated to our design and specifications by our suppliers in their own factories.  Each component will arrive on your site separately.  We streamline and simplify the process for you, so that the design and planning process of your home is manageable and predictable. This method saves time during construction, which generally means saving money.

Do you have a model home we can visit?
We rely on the graciousness of our past clients who make the effort of opening their homes to folks committed to building. We make every effort to meet potential clients where they are in the process, while also acknowledging that FabCab homeowners will spend time and effort in making their home presentable for visitors. In some cases, builders can arrange tours during construction. If you find yourself strongly leaning toward us and are ready to take the next step toward working with the team, please let us know and we can reach out to homeowners and builders to assess feasibility of a visit.