Boosting Summer Efficiency

Written by Gerard Del Monte, FabCab Client Representative

Better summer weather brings us the opportunity to play in the dirt. For adults, that may mean gardening, or simply taking care of your grounds. Proper use of plantings enhances the appearance of your home, and can help control temperatures and reduce maintenance so you can enjoy the summer hours doing other things.

> Trim your plants next to your house back from the wall about 6″ or so. This will help keep your siding dry and reduce the chance of mold and harmful insects causing damage to it.

> As we all know, deciduous trees and bushes lose their leaves in the winter. This is a great opportunity to provide shade control during warmer weather. While many people are concerned about southerly sun, the actual culprit for overheating in the summer comes from the southwest and west, where the sun seems to hang during those long summer afternoons and evenings as the heat builds up during the day. A few properly placed trees or bushes can work wonders. Here’s an informative website from the US Dep’t of Energy.

> FabCab shed roofs allow for the efficient collection of rainwater into barrels. You can use that water for watering your plants or chores like car washing, cutting down on tapwater use, etc. Here’s an informative website.

> Speaking of water, reducing the area of asphalt or concrete around your home helps keep the area cooler, and promotes proper soil drainage. Don’t like to mow lawns? Try using more ground cover plants that need little or no maintenance.

> A food garden can be a fun family collaboration and teach your kids about healthy nutrition and home grown foods. Limited time and space? Even a few tomato or pea plants in growing tubs are worthwhile.

Have fun in the dirt!

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