Preparing your home for sale

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Written by Gerard Del Monte, FabCab Client Representative

As part of their plan to build a FabCab, some homeowners will be selling their current home. Depending on the age of your existing home and its condition, preparation can be a matter of just tidying up, or significant updating may be in order to make your home desirable to potential buyers. It might make all the difference between how long your home is on the market and the final selling price.

One of the first major hurdles is getting over your emotional attachment to your home. Once you have made the decision to sell, your home becomes a product for other people to buy. Look at your home through a potential buyer’s eyes.

Remember all those little things you said you’d get to “some day?” That day has arrived. Little details add up in a buyer’s subconscious. Many of these take little or no money, just a bit of time, so get right on them. Expensive remodeling may not be necessary.

Items that are the biggest bang for the buck include fresh paint inside and out as necessary, and de-cluttering your home. Make sure you have no sticking drawers or doors, squeaky hinges, etc. Windows that don’t open or secure easily are a no-no. Cracked window panes and torn screens are especially noticeable – get them fixed, and make sure all your windows are sparkling clean. Fix that leaky faucet!

Curb appeal is important. Hiring a professional landscape crew for a day to detail your lawn and plantings might very well be a wise investment. Think about power washing walkways, driveways, patios, etc.

And don’t forget your garage or basement, either. Dirty, cluttered garages or basements are a turn off. Be sure any toxic items are out of sight or reach from children or pets.

There are any number of websites that can help you decide what to do. Here are a few listed below. Good luck – we look forward to seeing you in your new FabCab!

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