How FabCab sustains Earth Day every day

earth-dayEarth Day is held every April 22, when environmental consciousness is celebrated throughout the world. Begun in 1970 as a United States university teach-in, Earth Day has successfully promoted environmental awareness and protection ever since.

With Earth Day here, we thought it was timely to take this opportunity to reaffirm our Green orientation and use of sustainable materials not only on Earth Day, but every day, in every FabCab.  Here are a few examples:

Timberframe– Our elegant, CNC-milled timberframes are sustainably harvested from second growth Douglas Fir, free of heartwood content.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) –  These are made from thick expanded polystyrene foam cores sandwiched between OSB (Oriented Strand Board) panel faces. OSB is manufactured from fast-growing trees. The foam itself is made from partially-recycled material, and the final result is a large solid panel that arrives to the jobsite pre-cut, reducing the amount of jobsite material waste significantly (when compared to stick-framed buildings). While this is a clear benefit of using SIPs, the fact that they are up to 60% more energy efficient than conventional stick-framing is good for the environment, too. We source our SIPs from a leading manufacturer, who uses internal “best Green” practices in their manufacturing process.

Cabinets– The melamine and birch plywood cabinets we specify meet the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, one of the strictest production standards for formaldehyde panel emissions.  The cabinets are assembled with water based formaldehyde-free construction adhesives. Coatings are free of volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde.

Finish flooring– All our flooring choices are as green and sustainable as possible. Bamboo floors, Marmoleum sheet flooring, and wool carpeting are natural materials and sourced from companies who practice best manufacturing processes.

FabCab itself strives to have as little carbon footprint as possible, extending all the way to eliminating almost all physical paperwork.

Homeowners seeking to source their home or accessory dwelling unit from a company who shares their environmental awareness and concerns are comfortable choosing FabCab.  Happy Earth Day!

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