A Young Family’s New England Getaway

FabCab Design - New HampshireThis 1 bedroom/1 bath TimberCab retreat sits at the edge of beautiful Goose Pond in New Hampshire. The allowable building footprint and height was very small yet the clients wanted the cabin to feel larger than its roughly 700 sq. ft. size. We went to work and successfully executed the clients’ program that included space for a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and overnight accommodations for up to eight people.

To help make the cabin feel larger, window and door head heights were raised, making the dropped ceilings a full 8’. In the summer, when the cabin gets a lot of use, large sliding doors between the kitchen and the screened porch stay open and help make the living areas feel generous. Two large sleeping lofts, accessible via ship ladders, provide extra space for overnight guests.

The homeowners were especially delighted that their cabin was completed in time for them to watch the leaves turn.

To see additional photos, please visit our photos page.

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