Visit a FabCab Cabana – 2012 Seattle Home Show

As the nation’s largest home show, The Seattle Home Show offers an unparalleled experience.

FabCab will be displaying a timberframe exhibit (backyard cabana style). We invite visitors to relax on our couch in the “living room” and watch design videos as well as play with our interactive displays about healthy living. Visitors can also explore our patio area where they can learn more about pre-fab housing, see photos of FabCab models, get a rainscreen demo, and learn more about our innovative products and materials such as structural insulated panels (SIPs), recycled carpet tiles, and timberframes that are machine-milled, numbered, and shipped in our kit of parts.

2-for-1 e-tickets from FabCab: “Like us” and add a comment on our Facebook page and receive a code for 2-for-1 tickets, free parking, and more.

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