Contractor’s Insight – Building a FabCab Home

Jim Hall CGP, James Hall and Associates, Inc.
FabCab Preferred Contractor | Built Green Verifier

FabCab has a growing list of preferred contractors per region and after meeting with Jim Hall to build the Camano Island project, we knew we would form a lasting partnership. Jim carries a team of experienced craftsmen which is comforting to FabCab as well as our clients. Jim says, “Building a home is the biggest investment most people will make and there is a great deal of emotion wrapped up in the desire to ‘get it right.’ Guiding customers through that process and watching them experience the sense of accomplishment is my greatest reward.”

Jim remembers, “My first encounter with FabCab was at the Home Show in Seattle. It was instantly obvious that they had captured a stunning design, top quality structural components, Universal Design, and Built Green components in a complete package. After examining every nook and cranny, I spent a long time talking to the representatives of FabCab. Each person I talked to reflected the vision and professionalism represented in the FabCab home on display. It was a complete package. It wasn’t long before I was building a waterfront FabCab home for a Green Realtor on Camano Island. It was then that my original impressions of the company were verified. The attention to detail in the plans was extraordinary. As site specific issues came up, they were quickly resolved. When the homeowners wanted advice on interior and exterior finishes, FabCab was there to help them complete their vision. The home was constructed quickly and is now getting the finishing touches. It is stunning. I have been building architecturally designed custom homes on Camano Island and in the surrounding area for 23 years. It is not an exaggeration to say that my experience with this FabCab project has been one of my favorites.”

If you are interested in contacting Jim for a future project, you can reach him at 425.508.0090 or on his website.

James Hall and Associates, Inc. | Camano Island, WA 98282

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