FabCab coming to Camano Island

Camano Island will soon have a completed FabCab perched on the banks of Puget Sound! This two-story 2-bedroom custom FabCab is currently under construction and was designed to be a Certified Built-Green Home and withstand the climate of Puget Sound.

FabCab homes are designed as a pre-cut kit of parts, which result in very little onsite waste & very high energy efficiency. The FabCab design team adapted its kit of parts system to work with the existing foundation of the previous cabin on the site. The design was a breakthrough for the site, and the structure’s layout allows sweeping views of the water.

The clients, Linda Evans, a Certified Green Realtor with Windermere Real Estate’s Camano Island office, and her husband, John Cavanaugh, asked FabCab to design the home on its exising footprint and hired Jim Hall of James Hall and Associates, a Certified Built-Green contractor from Camano Island, to erect it. The former house was deconstructed vs. demolished, and an estimated 90% of it was either reused by other people or recycled. The Evans/Cavanaugh home will also feature a storm water management system that will incorporate a “living wall” of plants that will be watered from a hidden cistern behind the wall that has captured runoff from the roof gutters.

Additional green strategies include:

  • The pre-cut FabCab structural components reduce waste at the site and speed up the construction process, also minimizing the impact on neighbors.
  • The components provide increased energy efficiency over standard construction.
  • Highly-reflectant “cool” roofing of partially-recycled and fully-recyclable materials enhance roof durability and reduce both building cooling loads and the heat island effect.
  • Reusing the foundation reduces waste, thus minimizing the amount of new materials and embodied energy necessary to build the structure.
  • Improved air quality through the use of materials that do not off-gas such as no- or low-VOC paints, stains and glues, no carpeting in the home that holds dust, animal dander, etc. and a heat recovery ventilator that provides fresh air exchanges while minimizing heat loss.
  • High energy efficiency through the use of SIPs panels (structural insulated panels) that provide a higher R-Value insulation than traditional stick-built homes and windows with a low U-Value that provide superior insulation over standard windows.
  • Water Sense(R) plumbing fixtures that are an average of 20% more water efficient than standard plumbing fixtures.

Linda and John look forward to many years to come in their new cabin, knowing that it optimizes the enjoyment of the site while minimizing the impact on their Puget Sound site.

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