FabCab Winter Incentives

We’re excited to announce winter incentives. Our timberframe and structural panel suppliers are offering winter discounts and FabCab is passing along the savings to you! In addition, we are offering a free iPad2 to clients. To qualify, FabCab Home Package orders must be placed by February 1, 2012. Please contact us for additional details.

6 thoughts on “FabCab Winter Incentives”

  1. Looking for plans and pricing. Want to maybe put something like this up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Need to have it pass through Artc Commettiee for approval. Do you come out and build it or is it shipped?

  2. Peter Frothingham

    At our Goldendale, WA retreat center we are planning on 4 staff cabins of 220 sq ft. Could FabCab provide us a kit to erect? At what cost? What additional expenses would we have to complete the cabins for occupancy?

    I look forward to your reply.

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